#ICARE❤️ Project Idea

There is so much to worry about. With a very different school year right around the corner, my daughter Annabelle and I decided to give our little loved ones a place to put their worries. We were inspired by the legend of Guatemalan Worry Dolls, who, according to legend, have the power to take children's whispered worries away when placed under their pillow before sleep.

You will need: wooden bead with hole, lanyard for hair and clothes, silk flowers, glue gun, cloth bag.

How to:

1. Fold pipe cleaner through hair color lanyard loop and push wooden bead to meet the lanyard. Twist at neck and make arms and legs.

2. Put a line of hot glue on the body and wrap skin colored lanyard around the pipe cleaner. Use hot glue to secure lanyard at hands.

3. Make shorts and shirt by wrapping lanyard around body and legs. Secure with hot glue.

4. Separate petals from silk flower stem. Select two or three petals to use for your skirt. Open hole slightly by folding in half and making small X cut in middle. Fold legs closed and slide flower petals up to shirt bottom. Secure petals with hot glue.

5. Write a note with Worry Fairy instructions. Place everything in a cloth bag.

For our little loved ones who don't love fairies, we made Worry Monsters - see last photo.

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